Discovering and Defining the Design and Innovation Process

Critical to continuous growth and profitability is sustained commitment to continually innovate and develop new techniques, systems and critical business skills. In October 2021, I attended a two-day webinar on Design and Innovate. During this webinar titled “You Can’t Have One Concept… AND You Cannot Have Both” Don Ritchie presented his philosophy of innovation at its best. In the past, we have made bad decisions due to an inability to decide upon what is important and what is merely another concept that someone else had come up with; this resulted in an almost constant state of stagnation. See website for more.

In the Design and Innovate webinar Don Ritchie presented his concept of Design Thinking which is his eight-step process to discovery phase and then into the strategic planning and production phase. In the presentation he presented his philosophy of “if it is not broke, don’t fix it”. In this part of the presentation, he demonstrated how having a simple data gallery for planning and tracking of your innovation can significantly reduce your overall effort. The resulting data gallery will provide you with many examples of designs that have gone from rough idea to working prototype.

After the two-day seminar I was inspired to refocus my business design thinking on innovation and how I could use the Design Thinking process to better support my innovation efforts. In doing so, I was able to design and innovate a user experience design system that would help us design and innovate new digital products for our small business. The result is that we are now designing products that allow our customers to engage and be engaged with our services and products. We are now able to reduce our overall business cost while increasing our profit margins because we are able to effectively innovate.

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