Gold IRA Buyers Beware of Fee Complexity

In these difficult financial times many people are finding themselves searching for the best company to buy gold from. Unfortunately, much of the current information on the profitability and attractiveness of gold IRA’s has been exaggerated in the media, making some consumers feel uncertain or disillusioned. The reality, however, is this: gold IRA’s are an excellent way to both diversify and protect your investment portfolio. By understanding some important facts about gold Ira companies you will be better informed to make an educated decision about investing in these funds.

Gold IRA Buyers

A major difference between gold IRA’s and mutual fund investing is in the cost of investing. When you purchase gold IRA’s, you are typically paying far less for each dollar you invest. Most mutual funds, on the other hand, are far more expensive to invest in as their costs of borrowing and maintaining a large balance are extremely high and the income they are able to secure through dividends is low. A good way to determine which IRA’s are the best for your needs is to compare their overall fees and expense profile. The best company to buy gold from is one that has a low combined fee for all of their transactions, including buying and selling. Unfortunately, this information is hard to find and most companies try to camouflage their true costs by offering a wide variety of different fee schedules.

To truly determine the value of an IRA, you should consider how long the company has been in business and what types of fees are associated with their services. A trustworthy company will offer transparent and detailed statements about their services that will outline all of their fees in one place. One such fee that you may notice when researching a company’s fee structure is a “writer’s fee” which is in addition to the actual IRA purchase and sale charges. It is common for a number of companies to charge a high “writing” fee as well as a “marketing” or advertising charges which are in addition to their transaction fees. If an IRA company seems to have a lot of these in their price list, they most likely charge a high degree of fiduciary risk which could be in direct opposition to their own investment of gold IRA funds.

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