Protect Your Knees With A Knee Pad

knee pad

Knee pads or knee guards are typically protective equipment worn on the lower leg to protect them from impact trauma resulting from landing to the floor or hitting a hard object or to give additional padding for prolonged sitting or standing. Pads, commonly referred to as knee socks, have small pieces of foam or plastic that cover the lower leg and protect the tissue against wear and tear. They also help reduce the risk of blood clots, or bone chips, that can occur in the lower leg that result from jarring and forceful landing. Some knee pads even include a mesh portion that fits over the top of the knee to provide additional protection for the thigh. Some pads are water-resistant and some are not. Resource –

Protect Your Knees With A Knee Pad

Knee pads or knee guards are traditionally made of a thick, durable material such as leather or suede, but there are many more fabric and trendy options now available. Some are lined with moisture-wicking lining that is perfect for keeping the foot cool and dry when avoiding the exposure to sweat and moisture from perspiration. Other fabrics are more waterproof and offer a snug fit and extra layer of padding, while some are lined with breathable materials that allow airflow through the pad and help keep feet cool.

Some of the more popular types of padding include polyurethane foam, which are popular padding for sports equipment and outdoor activity, as well as gel padding used for those quick trips to the beach or pool. The polyurethane foam knee pads are more durable and have more absorbency for a comfortable and secure fit. The gel pads, however, may cause skin irritation if you have dry, sensitive skin. Padding is most effective if it’s fitted to the particular shape of the knees, which should be ideally straight and held tightly by braces.

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