Romania’s Resources For International Recruitment

Recrutement personnel was recruiting staff for its international customers since 1994, being continuously patronised by large multinational companies for the supply of skilled foreign labour under contract agreements. The company continues to seek reliable European partners, so as to provide Romanian manpower under multi-signatory contractual arrangements. These arrangements can include permanent and temporary recruitment, with the potential for short term projects and training opportunities in specialized sectors such as information technology, finance and medicine. The Romanian authorities are continuously seeking qualified professionals to fill available positions.

The main advantages of working with a professional Romanian recruitment agency are flexibility of working hours, including time off, a work permit system, regular and secure payments, as well as a willingness to be recruited on a permanent basis. The recruitment agencies are able to provide services in all parts of Romania, and help to build a successful business and professional networks that will help to sustain their business throughout Europe and beyond. The majority of recruiting agencies operate both in-house and out-house, operating on contracts with their Romanian clientele. However, some recruitment agencies have recently decided to adopt a multi-signature arrangement, so as to better meet the demands of both European and international clients, and so as to reduce the potential for conflict between the organisation and its Romanian clients.

Any individual Romanian professional or skilled worker wishing to relocate to a European or non-European country, must apply for a visa. This process normally takes around six months, and it is important to note that all visa applications are subject to approval, and cannot be turned down without penalty. To ensure a smooth application process, you may want to consult a reliable immigration lawyer or specialist to handle the visa paperwork and associated decisions. This is usually the most reliable route, as the expertise of an immigration lawyer can help to prepare your visa, and also guide you to the correct supplier, placement and support, and thus make the whole process run much more smoothly.

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