How a SG Can Help Your Business

The Waste Bin is the national standard for all Singapore businesses. All commercial waste and debris need to be stored in a separate bin, which is secured by a strong, welded metal gate that locks in place. Businesses that have multiple locations need to ensure that the bins are located in close proximity to each other so that they can readily transfer waste to each other. Waste Bin Singapore is governed by the Waste Management Authority (WDMA), a not-for-profit body set up by the government to promote awareness about environmental issues. Every member of the public is required to display a valid license that authorizes him or her to access and use the Waste Bin, in order to clear his or her own waste. Read more –

How a SG Can Help Your Business

Waste Bin Singapore

Most businesses are aware that their continued existence depends on the Clean Air Act, and the Environment Agency (EA) also requires all Singaporean businesses to comply with the laws governing these matters. As such, a number of companies now have their own Waste Bins that is accessible to them at all times, for emergency purposes. Another major benefit of having a dedicated Waste Bin is the fact that it eliminates the possibility of a business receiving any fines for not having a proper container to store waste. As long as the bin is secured and locked, and the contents picked up by the authorized representative, no penalties will apply. In addition, penalties are only applied if a business fails to remove its trash in a timely manner and fails to report its emptying or removal to the appropriate authority.

One major area in which many businesses struggle is with regards to finding an appropriate place to store their waste, when doing so they are faced with the problem of where to safely store the waste, as well as the safety of the waste and what may happen to it in the process. Most modern waste containers come equipped with locking mechanisms that prevent unwanted guests from gaining access to the inner workings. If in doubt about any aspect of a particular waste container, it’s always advisable for a business to seek advice from an expert. It’s a business owner’s responsibility to ensure that his or her office complies with all local and national laws regarding the proper storage and disposal of waste.

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