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canadian work permit

When it comes to immigrating to Canada, there are many things that people should be aware of before heading to the country’s border to apply for their Canadian work permit. There is a wide variety of programs that can be availed of by international students as well as Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents (holders of both citizenship and permanent residence). It is important to understand the differences between these programs to ensure that your work permit application fits into your plans. The following detailed guide to Canada works visa is intended to make the process of obtaining an immigrant visa easy-to-understand for any potential newcomer to Canada.

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As per the Immigration, Citizenship Canada website: “A Canadian work permit is a permanent resident card that is required if you wish to stay in Canada permanently to perform a job. The work permit usually lasts for two years after the end of your employment. In order to obtain a Canadian work permit you must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from an educational institution in Canada or the United States and be eligible to apply as a permanent resident based on your immigration status.” To better explain, a Canadian work permit can only be issued if one possesses an eligible educational record, such as a U.S. Bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, one cannot apply for a Canadian work permit unless they have provided evidence of having been employed in Canada for at least two years as of the present time. These requirements are clarified in the Canadian Immigration Services Regulations.

As per the regulations, to be eligible for an immigrant visa to Canada, one would have to meet three basic eligibility criteria. First, you should have made a genuine effort to become a permanent resident of the country; this can be done by meeting the eligibility assessment required by the immigration authorities, by providing the necessary personal information and by successfully completing the immigration program. Furthermore, you should also have a genuine intention to avail of the services, benefits and privileges provided by the Canadian immigration authorities. The third requirement, which is the most important, is that you should have been provided with a comprehensive assessment by an independent Canadian immigration agency.

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